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Le dimanche fermeture des commerces à 19h. My dad, a flagrantly un-hip guy, wore this stuff -- perhaps because his father before him wore it. As I will be 40 in a few months, I decided to buy a bottle. La liste sur une carte des supermarches, hypermarches, grandes surfaces et autres commerces de proximite a Llívia (17527) ou a proximite de la commune, ville ou village de Llívia, Province de Gérone (Communauté autonome de Catalogne), Espagne Refreshing in many ways. For a cheapie, this fragrance is pretty classy! Enter your email to start receiving special offers. I can see it working well for others but not on my skin. The EDC version is the best, IMO. It has been around forever because some men like to wear it and others like to smell it. But be warned. It turns into a skin scent in less than 30 minutes and only a hint of it is detectable after a couple of hours. I remember this from years ago, the 70’s it actually smelled good. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It's great. LOL. Il y a un grand marché deux jours dans la semaine, et sur la place plusieurs restaurants de Tapas. Wearing today for first time of 2017. La gestion d’un tabac presse se fait, très souvent, seul ou en couple. A timeless scent. Les opticiens. 3 972 annonces : Retrouvez toutes les annonces pour acheter Fonds de commerce tabac - presse - loto - Tabac - Presse - Loto en vente.. Mise en relation gratuite avec l'agence ou les propriétaires en charge de ces biens. If there are other notes present I can't pinpoint them because there's a kind of blur to the senses. I'm astonished that it only exists since 55. This, first of all doesn't cost much. I would wager it's the flower which explains why it's more of a floral scent to me. This review is for the EDC version and projection and longevity are pretty decent. It still smells nice. I had a tiny key chain bottle of this when I was a child so it may have imprinted very early. Longevity is ace, it lasts all day and sillage is moderate. Utterly timeless and exotic. After many years of buying different cologne's, I finally decided to buy Tabac. This smell reminds me of saloons in India. To hadrian what a good review ! Toutes nos cigarettes et tabac proviennent de Belgique, et nous livrons dans toute la France. Bottle design is cool but I'm not too impressed by much else. It was "dated" even when Dad wore it. The more I use it the more I like it plus I seem to need less now since using it for a week to cover my face. The Cartiers and Guccis can be used only when reasonably called for! So the 10.1 oz of Tabac Original EDC splash finally arrived today and being a woman, I found it tipping on the masculine side, rather than the feminine side as suggested my some reviewers. I don't detect any tobacco. The only thing is, it can't stay on my skin very long. The scent is pleasant enough, sharp aldehydes and citrus up front and a mild soapy drydown. Since I am a Tabac fan, I decided to try it and made a blind buy. Perfume lovers: 596262 It's like a new friend you never thought would end up becoming one of your best friends the more you hang out together. I have Tabac shaving soap, Tabac After Shave Lotion and Tabac edt. El Forn de Llívia, Tabacs Estanc nº 3 Rovira, Estanc Armengol, Expenedoria Número 2 Estación, Martin Françoise, Forn Moyá S … Accueil sympathique. Quality. The bottle is heavy, in fact it can be a weapon. Perfumes: 63106 An absolute classic! I couldn't find tabac anymore. One of my first fragrances when I was a very young man. Your words are mine.. Tabac is a safe bet. Unsurpassed German engineering. I wear it myself (in summer) and just love it on a man. This is the juice you bought for your father or uncle in the eighties. BOLQUERE (66) Exclusivité France pour cet Hôtel - Restaurant 2 étoiles de 14 chambres avec licence 4. But that "cleanliness" makes it "safe". Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Tabac is not really for the average person under 30. Love it! En continuant un peu on pourra encore trouver moins cher» dit Martine à son mari. @Otakar Ishar, the Perfumer is called Arturo Jordi-Pey. The bottle this comes in is very well made, masculine like the Cologne itself. Service Payant. I perceive sweet, musky and soapy smell. They original vintages of this are not so easy to find and can be quite dear--.I am now going to seek it on ebay-. Box design, nice. 8/10. I guess at this point I can safely call it my "signature". It has an intense, mysterious fragrance and good projection. Anyone who knows Tabac Original has more than likely heard the claim that the EdC is the one to get—and that the EdT is nothing short of horrid. I like it. is there any difference in scent/Longevity between Tabac EDC falcon and Tabac EDC spray? A smell of a real old fashioned man who opens doors and bathes in hot water and soap not shower gel. Top notes are Aldehydes, Lavender, Bergamot, Neroli and Lemon; middle notes are Carnation, Sandalwood, Pine Tree Needles, Rose, Jasmine and Orris Root; base notes are Tobacco, Musk, Oakmoss, Amber, Vanilla and Tonka Bean. if you haven't tried it, then it is worth considering becaus any scent that has been around that long has something going for it. Two squirts are enough and it's strong but not intrusive; the lavender and tobacco really work well with my skin chemistry. And it's a cologne so don't expect Interlude kind of performance. tried for the day of native the edc today. Scroll through the cigars and line them up next to the ruler to see their actual dimensions. La plupart des commerces s’accordent sur les mêmes heures d’ouverture dans toute l’Espagne, et plus particulièrement en Andalousie.Bien que certains horaires varient en fonction de la nature du commerce, vous trouverez dans cet article des informations générales sur les heures d’ouverture en Espagne. I am sorry not to have the original but this modern version is fine. bonjours je viens pour les vacances a coter de puigcerda et on ma dit que les cigarettes et l'alcool sons moins cher.j'aurais voulu savoir la différence entre les 2 pays .merci d'avance pour le renseignement. «Tu vois, ici le tabac à pipe est moins cher de 2€! Le dimanche fermeture des commerces à 19 h. Andorre (côté Espagne) à environ 45mn. This is the stuff that got me hooked on perfume way back in the early eighties... so I will pay homage to it here by declaring my everlasting love for it: I will be faithful! I am not keen on splash bottles so I decanted some into a bottle with a monster sprayer. Interestingly, I smell similarities to YSL's M7 Oud Absolu. Vous sortez à Puigcerda, Province of Girona : lisez sur Tripadvisor 7 255 avis sur 98 restaurants à Puigcerda, recherchez par prix, quartier, etc. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. A beautiful fresh, soapy scent which is a bit floral too. - LABORATOIRE DR REINER JANKA BIOCOSMETIC INTERNATIONAL - 7 avenue de Rome, ZAE Sainte Eugénie - The tobacco notes are smokey in the fisrt, and then turn into bit honey smell, giving way to floral, smooth yet masculine. Les bureaux de tabac. Husband wore Tabac today as he does frequently. Simultaneously old fashioned, yet new. I am in love with TABAC, really original and odd! My granddad used this along Aqua Velva and I´m still in love with this fantastic classic scent! Tabac original is how Chanel No 5 for Men would smell. Decent longevity and even when it has faded in the early evening it still seems to pop up every now and again to let me know it is doing its thing. I recall reading as a kid in the mid-60's that Tabac was the favorite aftershave of the Beatles. Great price, great scent! The most beautiful blend of tobacco and aldehydes i have ever put my nose to. It's not going to blow you away and compliments will be rare. This is a true classic. 4.5/5. Made in Germany, what more could one ask for. Tabac gets a bad wrap because it is old and relatively cheap. I was going crazy trying to figure out what it reminds me of...in some way a little like 1-12 or Por Lui. Not expecting compliments; no one else will be able to smell it. I don't want to knock this too hard, though; it's a classic, but it doesn't make you smell like a barbershop. In a way, tabac is a time capsule, like a Gentleman's club with men in tweed coats and pipe tobacco wafting in the air, rustle of newspapers, clink of crystal and ice and whisky glasses...when men were men, nuclear holocaust threatened the world and political correctness had not yet been invented!! This was always my Grandfathers favourite aftershave. Opening is 4711 with more soap. To me Tabac EDT has notes of Azzaro + Polo green + Paco Rabanne pour homme ( green bottle ). For me, the opening is both sweet and citrusy with strong tobacco wrapper. It's a nice man's fragrance. If you are not of legal age, please do not enter our site. A delightful opening of fresh soapy aldehydes and citrus. Warm, manly, cosy, trustworthy, brilliant. Versace dreamer went some way to changing my mind. Tabac is one of the few iconic scents which will still be around decades from now. All this sits on top of amber and musk, both of which are easily detectable right from the start. Long time ago, my father wore the EdC, maaaaaaaaaaan how it smelled niiiiiiiiiice after mixing with his cigarette's smoke! After much searching, I was able to obtain a bottle that is the one I wanted (and in a nice size). Does someone knows who is the parfumer of Tabac Original? Le 8 septembre (Meritxell, fête Nationale)Le 25 décembre; Le 1er janvier; Le 14 mars (Constitution) Voir également les conseils pratiques aux visiteurs de la principauté d'Andorre pour par exemple connaître les heures d'ouverture des magasins.. Mais n'oubliez pas : I had a sample of the aftershave. This review is for the EDT which is a bit different. A classic, barbershop fougere. Vous recherchez la carte ou le plan de Puigcerdà et de ses environs ? I was intrigued reading the reviews on this fragrance for men that it could also be worn by women. I have a brand new US$ 20, 5.1 oz (150ml) EDC. This is really lovely. It is an evocative and comforting scent and it does attain that old school barbershop feel. A real classic from the 70's when lavender, sandalwood, tobacco are supported by a real warm tone of amber, carnation and a blast of musk. Whereas the EDC is a smooth, warm scent that, to me, smells like Old Spice with zero sweetness, the EDT is a big, blaring floral fougere, almost macho, powerhouse level of strength. Réglementation douanière. Does it smell soapy? Tabac is machismo central, old school style and that is a very good thing. It seems that I have smelt it before. The EDT is a completely different scent than the EDC, though both are very good. You are not going to score with any younger women with this because you will probably just remind them of their dads. eau de cologne and shaving soap. The EDT is 79% (alcohol) but the EDC is 78% (?) However, it's by no means dated. Tabak Especial cigars are made by Drew Estate, the folks who brought you ACID, Le Vieja Habana, and more. Not assertive but definitely manly... “Which one I’ll wear today?”. I bought this blind due to the low cost. It is presented in a lovely opaque thick white glass bottle. I recently got the EDT after reading up about it. There are very few fragrances that match the performance of Tabac on my skin. itinéraire: le perthus, la jonquera et le pas de la case - forum Andorre - Besoin d'infos sur Andorre ? Enable Javascript in your browser for a better experience. I understand why some people (not me) classify this cologne as "dated" and personally I wouldn´t recommend it to youngsters. Freaky! Thus, I was rather surprised the other day by smelling something quite intriguing and unusual on him. A review written by anyone more suited to wearing Paco Rabanne 1 million or something expensive from Guerlain, is going to be skewed against something like Tabac because the latter is less than 30 units of currency (often less than 20) and is available at a local chemist's shop. Philibear. Voici donc les dates de fermeture des commerces du Pas de la Case en Andorre :. Tabac by Maurer & Wirtz is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men.Tabac was launched in 1959. It's Male perfection. Really great, inexpensive and classic scent for men. Instead, it's weirdly aldehydic and soapy. Because it nails so many things...clean, fresh, comforting, distinction, a scent ingrained into our olfactory memory bank. The father of green fougeres!! But it's just such a pleasant, relaxing, fresh scent -- a perfect barbershop clean cut scent. but thats a personal opinion ofcourse =D. Its sooo soapy it just smells like CLEAN. Have a shower, and spritz on Tabac, on your chest and arms. It's comparable to Old Spice, but I think Tabac smells cleaner and fresher. Tabac is great value for money, and it is true...it is hard to find other fragrances at the same price that are as robust and unique in scent, longevity and sillage. Decent fragrance considering the cheap price. A perfume lover is cursed to put it to himself, in the morning, two or three times a week.

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